Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Why were Gabe’s eyes of such an interest to Jonas?

Why, do you suppose, was there no real need for mirrors in the community?

When Lilly stated, ” ‘I hope I get assigned to be Birthmother,’ ” Mother replied, “There’s very little honor in that Assignment.’ ” Judge her statement in the context of their community

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 

What is the significance of “dream telling” and “feelings” discussions that take place during the family unit morning and evening rituals?How is each family unit made? How does one receive a child (a one)?

Each ceremony is considered the birthday of each group, no matter what day of the year they were born. How would you feel if you no longer had your own day of birth celebration (or birthday)?

Chapter 1- The Giver

Why do you think choosing exactly the right words in speaking is very important in this society? Give an example that shows Jonas’s concern for precision of language. Give an example of Asher not using precise language.

“After Twelve, age is not important. Most of us even lose track of how old we are as time passes, though information is in the Hall of Open Records” (Lowry, 1993).  What would you miss most if this was true in our society. Explain.

The Giver- Utopia Investigated

The Giver concerns utopian societies. Think about what a utopia would be for you.

 Utopia Means…?

an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

Utopia and Dystopia Explained (Prezi)

Utopia and Dystopia Explained

Hunger Games and Utopia?

Hank discusses The Hunger Games, the extreme inequality of our society, and what it means to be a citizen of The Capitol- think how this is really showing us dystopian societies, or do you believe it is a utopia? Vlog Brother Hank Discusses Society in Terms of the Hunger Games

Utopian Research Project

Lastly investigate past tried utopian communities. The three links below are “utopias.”  Choose two of them to research.  Consider their similarities and differences, then, complete a table comparing and contrasting the two communities you have chosen. The Google table will help you complete this assignment- Utopian Research Project Table

The Farm in Tennessee

Twin Oakes

Victory Cities